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adble oman


Consumption in diesel cars, which is very important to reduce environmental pollutants, and each of the factories producing diesel cars recommend ADBLUE to protect the environment and reduce the amount of harmful particles in the air.
The use of diesel exhaust fluid can significantly reduce the dangerous particles emitted from the exhaust of diesel cars.
According to international standards, for the use of diesel cars, a certain amount of ADBLUE diesel exhaust fluid must be added to its special tank so that it can clean the exhaust gases of your car.
Our company offers you the ADBLUE product exclusively in Oman and you can buy this product through the online store or through the AMAZON.COM site.

Storage life

18 months at 25 °C


20 liter HDPE plastic drums and 20 – 22 MT stainless steel tanks

AdBlue 20 litre is not a fuel supplement and under no circumstances can be added to fuel tank. It does not precipitate upon freezing and can be reused after melting. There is no need for dilution and must be used as received. Never mix AdBlue 1000 litre with fuel, water, oil and other types of solution.

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Diesel exhaust fluid made love in Oman!

Diesel exhaust fluid

Diesel exhaust fluid is a product that is related to people’s quality of life. The use of DEF for diesel cars in Oman is very vital and this product can bring clean and healthy air to the kind people of Oman.


The use of diesel exhaust fluid in diesel cars as a solution to remove environmental pollutants and reduce the risks of global warming has been approved by reputable manufacturing companies.


The quality of the product provided by our company is guaranteed and the global standards for the production and supply of adblue to Omani citizens have been strictly observed.


With the increasing development of electronic technologies and easy and safe access to online sales sites, we have made it possible to buy online, and now you can buy it from our website or from the Amazon store.

We guarantee your purchase of adblue in Oman. Immediate delivery of adble is possible in Oman.

Storage : Keep storage tanks and containers closed and contents protected from dust, dirt, and moisture. Clean storage tanks on a regular schedule based on inspection and experience. Have storage tanks, containers, and transfer systems properly labeled for contents. Have procedures for determining product quantity in storage tanks and for accepting deliveries. Use tanks, transfer lines, pumps valves and process instrumentation designed for this material using approved materials of construction. Some materials commonly used are stainless steel, some plastics, and FRP. Mild steel, iron and nonferrous metals will be damaged by corrosion. Consult engineers if needed.

Product Application:

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Blue DEF having various application ::: The most importat use of DEF is for reduction of Nitrous Oxide ( NO ).  DEF help full combustion of soot and to prevent them exhausting unburnt fuel.

■ It is used in NOx reduction and as a nutrient component in organic waste water treatment plants.
■ In the manufacture of liquid feed supplement for ruminant animals
■ In plywood and coreboard adhesives
■ Textile processing and coatings
■ In some paper coatings.

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adblue istanbul ? is more cheap?

adblue istanbul

adblue istanbul is growing sells . One of the important reasons for choosing Turkey to buy adblue products and transit them to European countries is the quality of raw materials used in adblue .


Turkey’s neighboring countries, including Iran, are the main exporters of adblue to Turkey, and this issue can guarantee the high quality of adblue .


Another important factor in choosing adblue Istanbul as the best additive to the exhaust of diesel cars is the reasonable price of adblue Istanbul compared to other manufacturers in the Middle East and Central Asia. adblue Istanbul is cheap and of high quality, it has the ability to compete with similar European and American products.


The wide transportation network in Turkey and neighboring countries can be another great advantage for choosing adblue as the best option for buying exhaust additives for diesel cars.
adblue is introduced as the best option of adblue by having 4 indicators, including reasonable price, high quality of adblue product, easy trade with Turkey and fast and economical transportation of adblue to Europe.


Contact us to negotiate and determine the price and purchase conditions of adblue .

We have the right conditions to deliver this product in Turkey and the countries that buy this product. It is possible to supply the product from reliable manufacturing factories in the Middle East and deliver it in Istanbul, Turkey.
The best raw materials and the highest quality adblue products are delivered to you in Istanbul, Turkey.

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AdBlue, Diesel Exhaust Fluid

adblue istanbul
Typical valuesCharacteristics
Transparent liquidAppearance
1.02 – 1.09Specific gravity at 20 °C
30 – 33 wt%Total solids content
8 – 9.2pH at 25 °C

This product is a diesel exhaust fluid used in Euro-4 diesel engines to reduce air pollution by reducing NOx emission in exhaust gas.


  • AdBlue is not a fuel supplement and under no circumstances can be added to fuel tank. It does not precipitate upon freezing and can be reused after melting. There is no need for dilution and must be used as received. Never mix AdBlue with fuel, water, oil and other types of solution.

Storage life

18 months at 25 °C


20 liter HDPE plastic drums and 20 – 22 MT stainless steel tanks

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This specification covers the requirements for granulated cross-linkable black polyethylene
compound for Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC).

Two components Silane Grafted polyethylene compound and catalyst master batch to make insulation for cables. The suppliers should announce ratio mixed Grafted polyethylene and catalyst master batch. The material furnished under this specification shall be free from dust, dirt, metallic particles, chaff streamers and all other foreign materials and as uniform in appearance as good commercial practice will permit. Pellets furnished shall be approximate 3mm or less on all dimensions.

ItemPropertyTest MethodUnitValue
1Maximum Conductor Temperature in Normal Operation90
2Silane Grafted polyethylene Melt index Density at 23°CASTM D 1238 ASTM D 792g/10min  g/cm³max 1 0.910 -0.925
3Combination Ultimate Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Hot Set Test at 200°C Hot Creep Test at 200°C Oven Aging without Conductor Variation Tensile Strength Variation Elongation Carbon Black Content Shrinkage Water absorptionIEC 60811-1-1 IEC 60811-1-1 IEC 60811-2-1 IEC 60811-2-1 IEC 60811-1-2  — — ASTM D 1603 IEC 60811-1-3 IEC 60811-1-3Mpa % % % — % % % % mg/cm2min 12.5 min 200 max 15 max 175 — ±25 ±25 2.5±0.5 max 4 max 1